Sweco - case-kuva

Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources”

Sweco Finland and Silverbucket Ltd have made a frame agreement on implementing Silverbucket’s project portfolio resourcing tool. Sweco has been using Silverbucket since the beginning of 2014 and has constantly expanded the use of Silverbucket yearly. Prior to the introduction of Silverbucket Sweco had several different resource planning solutions in place. However, the use of different tools did not make summarising information any easier which provoked interest towards alternative resourcing solutions. 

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Case A-Insinöörit

A-Insinöörit - Successful Management of Project Portfolios

"We succeeded to find a tool for easing the demanding construction consultancy with no need to time-consuming trainings. All the Project Managers of A-Insinöörit are resourcing and forecasting with the same tool. Information is always up-to-date. No more unit specific spreadsheets"

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Overall view to Attido’s resourcing situation

Attido has customer-related and internal product development, project and maintenance work. The resource planning for all these project types are made in Silverbucket since the rollout. The goals for more efficient resourcing were to improve profitability and get more satisfied employees.

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Solita - Significant Asset for Forecasting

One goal was to get an easier-to-use and more visual tool compared to the former one, and second goal was to improve the transparency and openness of resource allocations. All data wanted to be available for everyone. Third and the most important goal was improving the forecasting, which, according to Solita, Silverbucket masters successfully.

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Palkeet - Holistic View to Resourcing Data

With a better resourcing tool Palkeet seeks a clearer picture of their resourcing plans and more accuracy to predictability. Another goal was to make any possible resourcing risks or allocation overloads visible. According to Rimpilä these goals have been fulfilled well. "The co-operation with Silverbucket has been extremely agile and flexible. The product is been updated constantly based on customer feedback and new ideas have been developed and rolled out quickly."

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Efore - Combining Resourcing of Product Development Projects & Hour Tracking

Efore chose Silverbucket as their project portfolio resourcing tool. Before switching to Silverbucket Efore had a separate Excel spreadsheet for project resource planning, and a separate tool for hour reporting. The goal with Silverbucket was to improve usability and information visibility. 

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Already 100 customers trust Silverbucket in project resource management.


Silverbucket is used in over 40 countries around the world.

50 - 10 000

Ideal for project resource management between 50 and 10 000 people.
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