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Resourcing tool – who benefits and how?

Resourcing tool isn’t just for the project- and resourcing managers, all the people should benefit from using it. Customer will receive better results when the project run smoothly in a way that all the people are doing right things. So how do the personnel in different roles benefit from using resourcing tool? Read more!


The benefits of a proactive resource allocation management

Do you think that project resource management has no impact on projects turning out well? Or do you think that project resource management has a notable impact on everything regarding projects? Not long ago I had a presentation about proactive resource allocation management. I summed up the main points to this article. Read more!


Tips for tool renewal process - what to take into consideration?

I believe almost everyone has heard horror stories of never-ending IT-projects. The projects might last for months or even years and still fail. A one very common pitfall in renewing IT-systems is the misconception that every organisation has such unique needs that it is not possible to use existing tools as such. This situation occurs only in some very exceptional cases. Read more!


Meet Silverbucket at the Projektverktygsdagen 2017 in Sweden!

Projektverktygsdagen will be held on Tuesday 30th of May 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. The event provides participants with interesting presentations given by project management professionals and a chance to get to know different project management tools. We are attending to the event with our Swedish partner, Sundom & Partners AB. Read more!


Redirect time to more productive work and increase productivity

If you could allocate one hour more for each person in projects and to productive work, what kind of an effect would that have in the financial numbers? Just as an example, in 100-person company, you can improve productivity by 10 000 € by an extra work hour for each person. Read more!


More Features to Project Portfolio Management

This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

The superpower of the renewed Silverbucket is combining the resource and project portfolio management, which helps you to manage the projects and portfolios better from the resourcing point of view. Read more!


New resourcing and data editing features

This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

One of the biggest changes in Silverbucket is perfecting the resourcing and data editing features. You can make several actions in one view, which lessens the need for navigation and simplifies the resourcing features. Read more!


Positive project culture as an engine for productivity

In many organizations, the most important target is to create value for the customer. Customer comes first no matter what.  The most important goal is to finish projects on time in a way that client is also satisfied. However, this may mean for example problems with efficiency, in budgets, internal project schedules, scheduling multiple projects at same time and personnel heavy workload. Read more about positive project culture!


UI Innovation - Even Better Tool for the User

This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

The new Silverbucket does not only look good but it also offers a better user experience as its features are taken to a new level regarding intuitiveness and user-friendliness. Read more!


Treats for Silverbucket’s Customers: New UI & New Features

This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

If you liked the previous Silverbucket version, you will fall in love with this one. The new version brings along more functions and features regarding resourcing and editing, which will make resource planning smoother and more pleasant.


Silverbucket goes Sundbomdagen

Silverbucket participates in Sundbom & Partners' invitation-only event and presents its software solution for project resourcing. Sundbomdagen takes part on 13th of March 2017 in Sweden, Stockholm. The main theme of the event is digitalization which is elaborated through interesting presentations and panel. 


Always hunting for resources after a successful sales deal?

Many organisations ask for a better communication between sales and production but they lack successful means to it. Sales department’s greatest interest is to do business and get deals. Winning cases means usually making promises to customers while trying to balance between the capacity of own production and being able to give attractive offers. Those promises can set unnecessary burden to the production if the resource management is not transparent and controlled.


Silverbucket's eventful year 2016

Year 2016 was filled with changes and big steps in Silverbucket and the year went by fast. The outcome of the events was very fruitful and positive. One of the biggest themes was going abroad, especially to Sweden. Last year we gained our first international customers abroad (Sweden, USA and Estonia). 


Fennobiz taking Silverbucket to the Swiss market

Today, Silverbucket Oy of Finland and Fennobiz GmbH, the Swiss sales and marketing company specialising in helping Nordic hi-tech companies to enter the Western European markets, announced they have signed an agency agreement.


Looking for an unbeatable resourcing tool? I know one.

I’m Jaana Hatanpää and I work as Relationship Manager in Silverbucket. It is possible that we have already been in contact or met, or we will meet later in future. I work in Silverbucket among sales and marketing so if you are interested to learn more about our resource allocation management tool, it is likely that it will be me who will help you in the matter.


Rexor AB blir Silverbuckets återförsäljare i Sverige

Silverbucket Oy och Rexor AB har enats om ett samarbete avseende försäljning av Silverbuckets projekt- och resursplaneringssystem i Sverige. Rexor levererar Silverbucket SaaS service tillsammans med sitt eget affärssystem för konsulter. Produkterna är integrerade med varandra för att erbjuda en heltäckande operativ lösning för konsultorganisationer.


Developing project processes through a software

Change is something that should be noted in business and it touches – or it should touch all the parts of a company. One shouldn’t be afraid of change but be brave and explore what kind of opportunities it can bring along. Understandably, from the viewpoint of process development, change can sound overwhelming. However, executed in the right way change can be rewarding. 


Konsten att få resursplanering att fungera – del 3

Förra veckan gav vi konkreta tips på vad man bör tänka på vid införandet av resursplanering i ett tjänsteföretag. Detta inlägg fokuserar på vad man bör göra för att få det att fungera över tid. Resursplanering har nämligen en tendens till att prioriteras ner och till slut helt rinna ut i sanden.


Konsten att få resursplanering att fungera – del 2

I förra blogginlägget startade vi en diskussion kring utmaningen att uppnå en effektiv resursplanering i ett tjänsteföretag. Vi har genom åren genomfört ett stort antal projekt inom detta område och har bland annat kommit fram till följande framgångsfaktorer. Läs mera.


Konsten att få resursplanering att fungera – del 1

Resursplanering är för många tjänsteföretag något affärskritiskt. Ändå är det relativt få som verkligen arbetar med detta på ett effektivt sätt. Den egenutvecklade Excelmodellen är fortfarande den mest etablerade lösningen ute i verklighetens landskap. För industrin har produktionsplanering varit en självklarhet i alla tider, med omfattande planeringsprocesser och systemstöd. Det anses vara ett kritiskt och absolut nödvändigt konkurrensmedel.

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