Annual report 2018 – a year of growth and international expansion

Anual report 2019

Once again, we’ve completed another year, and it’s time to look back and take stock. Silverbucket’s theme in 2018 was growth and international markets.

The Silverbucket story began in 2011, when three founder members started developing a solution to help project organizations’ resourcing process. No such service was yet available on the market. We have worked hard around this theme over the last eight years, developing, piece by piece, a software solution to support the resource planning in our clients’ projects. In the first few years we naturally concentrated on our home market, but the past year has been marked first and foremost by a big step beyond the borders of Finland.

Finland will also have a special position for Silverbucket. However, we want to be able to help international clients meet their resourcing challenges too, and the home market will present barriers to growth sooner or later. For that reason, our focus last year was on building a network of resellers. Last year we signed partnership agreements in the UK and Switzerland, in addition to which we started talking to several potential new partners. Our new partners have already helped us open new doors, and to learn something: project management does not differ that much from country to country. Silverbucket has a lot to offer on international markets!

Our clients regularly share excellent ideas for new product features with us. Inspired by this feedback, we took a significant step towards new ventures last year when we started developing new products. We already have the first prototypes for new products and from the start of this year we are going to search for new pilot clients to test these innovations. We’re going to be telling you more about these themes in the near future!

Our figures last year also showed growth. Turnover exceeded €1.4 m, up 41% on the previous year. The focus in turnover growth already moved abroad last year. We made a breakthrough in Sweden, in particular, in 2018. 

Instead of standing on the single leg of a resourcing tool for Finnish clients, as we did in the first few years, we are now standing on several. We offer more products and operate not in one country, but in many. This is a great basis for continued success in the new year of 2019!

Tuomas Mikkola

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