Bilot: Predictability and transparency for project management

Bilot chose Silverbucket to increase their predictability and transparency in their projects. They had a number of attempts of using Excel for their resource management without any real success. The Excel spreadsheets were just was not able to give enough information for them so they decided to test Silverbucket. They were happy with the result of the PoC (proof of concept) and they started to use Silverbucket as their resource allocation management tool in August 2017.

Bilot has several projects running at the same time. Most of them are fixed-price consultancy projects which resource planning is done in Silverbucket. From a business level point of view, Bilot is interested in the utilization rate and the revenue forecast. Whereas from the resource management point of view, it is important to see if there is enough work for people, what kind roles are needed now and in the future from the sales pipeline's perspective. 

For Bilot, it is also vital to see what kind of projects are running and what project risks are associated with them. Various features of Silverbucket are used quite comprehensively already.

Silverbucket receives commendation for the flexible approach both in customer service and in product support. Bilot’s manager Jakub Rudzki says, “Our wishes are genuinely listened to, communication is open, and dialogue is smooth." He continues: “With the help of Silverbucket we have been able to increase predictability and transparency, which were the main goals when we started to use Silverbucket a year ago.”

Bilot is an independent, creative and genuinely customer focused business technology company. Founded in 2005 by leading experts in their field, we are a growth company and regarded as a pioneer when it comes to leveraging the latest innovations from leading vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and Google. Bilot group turnover in 2017 was 15 MEUR and there are currently approximately 150 employees. Bilot is a Gold level partner of SAP and Microsoft.

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