Face behind the email


Howdy, my name is Aleksi Lattunen. I’m good-humored, helpful and open minded software developer whose mind wanders and heart follows. I’m also super funny, duper handsome and very modest.

I have lived most of my life around Tampere City and even if I enjoy traveling around the globe, this is the place where I feel home. I enjoy traditional stuff and while I’m not around Nordic countries I only miss two things - my addictions: black bread and black blood sausage. 

Best place to relax in my honest opinion would be hammock somewhere in the nature while drinking coffee and reading a self-help book or doodling in my notebook. 

In addition to software developing my days are filled with customer support. It is quite likely that I’m the one who answers to your questions when contacting our support. My desire to help other people is limitless and I hope that I can add some sunshine to usually so blunt support emails. 

In the future I’ll be writing some short blog posts about software developing and customer support from the perspective of a one simple dude. See ya later!

Software developer

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