How to utilize different absence features in Silverbucket?

An absence project

If it is not necessary to monitor the actual capacity too accurately, you can create an absence project for making absence allocations. There are two approaches how to use the absence projects. You can create projects for different absence project types such as “holidays” and “part-time work”. When you make absence allocations for these projects, they are clearly visible in the allocation loads of people.

In other hand, you can make a general absence project, which will include all absence allocations and one can also make hour tracking for different absences to this project. Different absence types in this project could be e.g. annual leave, child sick, doctor appointment, moving leave, refresher training or unpaid leave.

absence project

Caption. An example of hour tracking tasks in a project named ”General absences”. 

Absence set by an admin

If the absence should decrease the capacity of a person, then it should be set in the absence section of the admin page. You can manage for example student, maternity, paternity and sabbatical leaves in that section.

If a person has absences on certain days for a long period, such as every Thursday and Friday for six months, then our support team can automatically set these days as absences. After the update, one can manage the absences easily herself in the admin section. 

admin absence

Caption. One can manage long-time absences in the absence section of the admin page. 

Changing the length of the workday

If a person works as a part-time employee, one can also use the workday length to indicate that she works part-time. This is suitable for a person whose work is divided evenly to work days. Meaning that there is no need to set some certain days as absences. However, one shouldn’t change the workday length if the person’s workday doesn’t get shorter or longer in real life.

If you want more tips or advice about managing absences, ask help from your Silverbucket contact person or send an inquiry to info@silverbucket.com. We are more than happy to assist you regarding better absence management! 

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