Looking for an unbeatable resourcing tool? I know one.



I’m Jaana Hatanpää and I work as Relationship Manager in Silverbucket. It is possible that we have already been in contact or met, or we will meet later in future. I work in Silverbucket among sales and marketing so if you are interested to learn more about our resource allocation management tool, it is likely that it will be me who will help you in the matter.

As I work in sales, most of my time goes to contacting prospects, managing the sales pipelines and taking care of the needs and wishes of existing customers. For me, it is important that customers without a suitable resourcing tool get excited about Silverbucket and that we provide a seamless rollout of our tool and help our customers to develop their project resource management.

I am also part of the marketing team as well. The aim is to make Silverbucket more familiar to the bigger audience and offer useful and sufficient information for the potential and existing customers. We want to share our knowledge with you and my interest is to find suitable means to it.

Besides work, I enjoy sports, wining&dining and attending to different kinds of events. My knees are lemons so I’ve had to say goodbye to some dear hobbies (ia basketball and skiing). Nowadays I channel my sports enthusiasm and energy through gym, cycling and having sauna&swimming in a lake (also in the winter!). I also love travelling and I would like to visit every continent.

Let’s be in touch!

Jaana Hatanpää
Relationship Manager

tel. 045 1322 833

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