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This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

One of the biggest changes in Silverbucket is perfecting the resourcing and data editing features. You can make several actions in one view, which lessens the need for navigation and simplifies the resourcing features.  In addition, the new version offers clearer filtration options which help you to get the exact data and reporting view you need. Silverbucket enables to handle bigger amounts of data which is shown in graphs and listed partially to improve the readability.

Here are some of the finest changes regarding the improved resourcing features:

  • In the new version, it is possible to make resource allocation changes and view the data from several different angles (project, customer, person, portfolio) in the same page
  • It is possible to add several persons at once to a project
  • You can change the scale of the painting grid 

Especially when upgrading the resourcing features, we have taken account the customers’ wishes and feedback. The direction is always to take the product to another improved level and that was the case in this version update as well.  However, the previous version received marvelous feedback and it was praised to be pleasant-to-use, our objective is to improve continually the user experience. Try the new features yourself and start a free trial here!


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