Positive project culture as an engine for productivity

Positive Project Culture

In many organizations, the most important target is to create value for the customer. Customer comes first no matter what.  The most important goal is to finish projects on time in a way that client is also satisfied. However, this may mean for example problems with efficiency, in budgets, internal project schedules, scheduling multiple projects at same time and personnel heavy workload. Project is ready on time and the result is what have been agreed. But it is hard to exceed customer expectations because of the problems that were mentioned earlier.  

There are several issues that is needed to considered in the project organisation or otherwise the card house might collapse. Personnel wellbeing will suffer because the heavy workload which will lead to poor work satisfaction or long sick leaves. At the end personnel, will look for better employer which takes care on their employees. Projects economical figures will also suffer.  Unbearable situation is ready. Skilful staff is hard to keep and it is hard to attract new people to apply to workplace. Because of this it is more and more harder to finish projects smoothly.  

In such circumstances, the situation should be re-evaluated and think how can we create more value to other parties too. Goal is to create positive project culture where projects can be run smoothly in a controlled manner. It is necessary to have a pre-defined processes and right tools if we want to create positive project culture. Process or right tool alone isn’t sufficient. Successful result requires both factors but we can’t forget company's employees either. 

In a positive project culture the staff is an asset which helps company to be successful.  The target is to create value for the customers, employees and to other parties. Motivated and satisfied staff is more productive and creative which will increase efficiency. This will increase utilization rate and make projects more profitable which leads to a growing revenue.

There are two major benefits if we create value first to the employees and then to the customers. First, the outcome of customer projects quality is higher, which contribute customer satisfaction and higher recommendation rate. Customer projects are more profitable thanks to the higher planning rate and sales pipes will be shorter. Second, employees are more satisfied and it is more and more easy to recruit new talents.   Motivated and skillful staff can create much better results and customer projects are more successful in many ways.

Reija Tulasalo

Relationship Manager

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