Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders

Here are some Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders who are especially interested in the efficient use of the resource capacity and in the availability of the right resources. With Silverbucket it is easy to mark resource role needs for projects and later move the unnamed roles to people. Making resource plan changes can be done directly with the project manager. The project manager gets named resources to fill the role needs in his/her projects from the resource manager or from the team leader.

Are there enough right skills and knowledge

The resource manager needs to know that is there enough resources with right skills in the right time and in the right place. In Silverbucket it is possible to filter the big resourcing picture by roles and/or skills. You can drill down easily and get very specific and accurate information. As presented below, it is possible to choose a role type and view the overall resourcing situation of the people who obtain the chosen role. The graph shows that there is a peak where capacity among modernization specialists is negative. In worst case, the workloads need to be overloaded and the modernization specialists will have long work days. Other means can be shifting project schedules or acquiring externals.

Silverbucket user tips for the resource manager 1

The graph shows the overall situation which is opened to a listing of the people and unnamed roles including their resource workloads. The listing shows the total workloads on a chosen time range.

Silverbucket user tips for the resource manager 2

The resource and team leaders can also manage the skill set of the people which can be further utilized when you are searching for a resource with a specific skill. You can also view the overall situation that do you have enough resources with certain skills. 

Be on top of your team’s workload situations

The team leader can monitor easily his or her team’s situation in two different views. The graph above is one option where you can get an overall view of your team’s situation and the team members’ total sum of their workload. The filtration options are vast, so you can get many different viewpoints and drill down easily.

The other option (below) is to also view the team members’ projects and detailed workloads in addition to the total sum of the workload. The team leader can also make resourcing changes in the same page, so it is easy to use Silverbucket in the meetings with project managers and superiors. The changes and updates can be done right in the meeting. 

Silverbucket user tips for the resource manager 3

The resource manager or team leader can manage with an ease the overall workloads of their teams and on an organizational level secure the right amount of resources with right skills. When the resourcing data is up-to-date and accessible, Silverbucket is a steady ground for big decisions regarding recruitment, outsourcing, training people and project scheduling.

You can get to know more to Silverbucket by starting a free one-month trial or contact us: sales@silverbucket.com and tel. +358 40 680 6860.

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