Silverbucket user tips for the management

Silverbucket is useful for many counterparts and we will present in this series of posts few examples on how different people within the company can utilize the same tool from the resource management point of view. In this first article, we will focus on the management and how they benefit from Silverbucket and real-time resourcing data.

Recognize how much of your personnel’s time goes for invoiceable or “relevant” work

We recommend that all work is brought to Silverbucket and made visible. It is done by using the different project types which are invoiceable, non-invoiceable and absence. The invoiceable project type represents so called “real project work” as the non-invoiceable represents work that is not necessarily project work. It can mean e.g. trainings, meetings and administrative work. Absence project type is used mainly for holidays and such. You can see when it’s the highest peak for holidays and what kind of an impact it has to the capacity. As a consequence, you can also get the holiday lists from Silverbucket easily.

It is wise to recognize all the work that is done and make it visible through the project types mentioned above. This way the total views of different work types are made visible which increases transparency.

Overview and utilization rate from the wanted angle

Silverbucket offers broad search options which contribute to acquiring different overviews and utilization rates. For instance, you can choose organisation nodes, user groups (which are your types of people categories and listings) or you can choose your subordinates. Also, matrix organization views are possible as well. You can make various cross searches as there are many different search filters to use.

Silverbucket-käyttövinkkejä - top management

After making the search, you can view the results in the graph as a general overview. The general overview is opened beneath as a listing of people related to the search and their personal resource overview is also provided. The graph presents the resourcing overview for the chosen group, which also serves as a utilization rate. If you need this information elsewhere, you can export it to excel spreadsheets. You can view at the data in a month, week or day level and in percentages, hours and man days.

Silverbucket-käyttövinkkejä - top management 2


There are many views and graphs that serve important information alone but there are also many beneficial reports. Few reports to mention: realized hours in the big picture (resource plans vs. actuals), cash flow report and utilization rate.

You can get to know more to Silverbucket by starting a free one-month trial or contact us: sales@silverbucket.com and tel. +358 40 680 6860.

More equivalent posts are coming in the near future so stay tuned!

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