Silverbucket's eventful year 2016

Annual report 2016

Year 2016 was full of changes and big steps in Silverbucket and the year went by fast. The outcome of the events was very fruitful and positive. One of the biggest themes was going abroad, especially to Sweden. Last year we gained our first international customers abroad (Sweden, USA and Estonia). We also familiarized ourselves with the Netherlands and this year our aim is to successfully enter the market there as well. In 2017 we will continue strongly with the internationalisation theme and we are also interested in the German and Swiss markets.

The eventful year contributed also in our turnover which grew from last year by 36%. To speed up the growth we recruited two new employees which increased the number of employees to eight. Our expectations are also high for the upcoming year so our plan is to keep the growth pace.

In 2016, a recreational activities team was also established which managed successfully to add the satisfaction of the employees at workplace i.a. by creating a “Silverbucket Lounge” area and acquiring a noisy but liked bean to a cup coffee machine. The recreational activities team aims to keep up its good work and continue increasing the happiness of the employees also in 2017.

What to expect in 2017? A little bird told that a long-polished diamond will be revealed that will take resourcing to the next level. Also, the company will continue strongly on the path of internationalisation with great enthusiasm. Finland will always have a special place in the heart of silverbucketeers but we don’t want to keep this only as a domestic treat. We believe that in a year we can proudly present our new conquests. 

We look forward to see what year 2017 brings along. We know that a lot will happen but no one has a crystal ball for forecasting that where will we be in a year when writing the next annual report. Most important, though, will be that working is fun. We have high aims and objectives but we don’t want to lose the fun side of working. Good group, bad sense of humour, excellent product – those form a great platform towards another great year!

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