Solita - Significant Asset for Forecasting

Silverbucket didn’t change much the way Solita does resourcing but Silverbucket revolutionized Solita’s accounting and the system that is uses for it. Solita had three goals regarding Silverbucket which were evaluated through a pilot testing and affirmed to be reachable. Prior to Silverbucket, Solita had, according to its own words, a dated database-based solution, which was governed basically by the people responsible for work planning and resourcing.

One goal was to get an easier-to-use and more visual tool compared to the former one, and second goal was to improve the transparency and openness of resource allocations. All data wanted to be available for everyone. Third and the most important goal was improving the forecasting, which, according to Solita, Silverbucket masters successfully. The objective was to recognize the current work situation and work load and see how they look in future. As a result of a successful pilot testing, Solita chose Silverbucket as its resourcing tool. 

Getting in the favour of the employees through a roadshow and effortless login

From the viewpoint of technical matters and committing the employees, the rollout went smoothly and nimbly. During the pilot, a small group tested Silverbucket alongside the former system. In the rollout all the project data and the resource allocations of that moment were brought to Silverbucket, which followed by making Silverbucket the primary resourcing tool of Solita.

To launch Silverbucket within Solita, the team responsible for resourcing organized a roadshow at their office where they introduced and presented Silverbucket and its functionalities to others. The employees are able to login to Silverbucket with their own Solita domain accounts, which makes the login effortless for everyone. Thanks to Silverbucket all the resource data and promises are available to the personnel. 

Endearing user experience

Kari Koivuniemi, Resource Manager, is pleased with Silverbucket: “I have to give positive feedback and credit for Silverbucket for offering a very stable service.” According to him, our support is quick on helping and giving answers if there is some sort of a problem. In addition, we get credit for the opportunity to hide or drop features that aren’t needed in the company. “This way the software doesn’t become an amoeba that would be full of functions that are never needed”, Kari states. 

Solita Ltd.

Solita is a Finnish digital business consultancy and digital services company that operates mainly in Finland in three different locations that are Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. Solita builds exceptional digital solutions by combining technology, content and business processes right from the first ideas to complex and quality-conscious executions. The company has around 500 employees and has executed more than 1000 projects.

The resourcing challenges that the company faces stem from the hundred simultaneously ongoing projects and maintenance services. The projects are very diverse. They vary by their size, duration and content and each project has specific needs that have to be noted in resourcing.  

Additional information

Silverbucket Ltd.

Tuomas Mikkola

tuomas.mikkola@silverbucket.fi, +358 40 719 2923

Solita Ltd.

Kari Koivuniemi

kari.koivuniemi@solita.fi, +35840 837 8323

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