Tips for tool renewal process - what to take into consideration?

tips for tool renewal

Renewing a project resourcing process is not an IT-project, it is a business project. Resourcing process is one of the corner stones of an expert organisation and it needs to be implemented with care.

I believe almost everyone has heard horror stories of never-ending IT-projects. The projects might last for months or even years and still fail. A one very common pitfall in renewing IT-systems is the misconception that every organisation has such unique needs that it is not possible to use existing tools as such. This situation occurs only in some very exceptional cases.

The great majority of organisations can avoid time consuming implementation projects and utilise tools in the form they are provided in. With this approach tools can be taken into use immediately and avoid the prolonged implementation projects altogether. This way the benefits of a new system can be received immediately.

No tool is useful, if users refuse using it. When tools are excessively complicated to use, people simply stop keeping information up to date. When usability suffers, information cannot be relied on anymore. Further along this prevents from making necessary business decisions. This issue is a particularly significant factor when resource management is in question. Without the entire organisation taking use of the resource management tool the big picture in the organisation is lost.

Corporate software doesn’t have to be difficult to use. Implementing and adopting a new system can be a painless process. Tools that are easy to use motivate and commit users to frequent use. Your aim is to collect reliable information to form the base for your strategic business decisions. That is the reason why paying special attention to user friendliness will benefit you. When usability is a first priority, nothing comes to the way of keeping information current.

There are always people against acquiring new tools. That is a fact we all have to live with. Therefore resourcing tools have to be approachable to users, fast to learn and easy to use also to people, who are not familiar with computers. A good test for usability is whether the user needs to refer to a manual frequently. If so, there is a pretty good possibility there are usability issues.

User friendliness has always been a top priority in Silverbucket’s development process because we know from experience how good usability has a positive effect in making work more fluent and information more reliable. If your organisation is discussing about how to make your resourcing overview clearer or struggling with usability issues, Silverbucket is the solution to your needs.

Tuomas Mikkola


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