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Silverbucket Person's Dashboard

This article is part of series of posts related to the renewed Silverbucket launch. The series of posts will portray the biggest changes and benefits that come along with the new version. Enjoy!

The new Silverbucket has gone through a facelift which resulted in a fresh and, if possible, even more eyesome user interface. The new Silverbucket does not only look good but it also offers a better user experience as its features are taken to a new level regarding intuitiveness and user-friendliness. 

Here are few of the main improvements regarding the UI:

  • You can make personal configurations - hide or show different sections of the view in the user interface. The software will remember your section and filtration options when you navigate in the system.
  • The look & feel of the UI is a bit more coherent - the visuality and logics are consistent throughout the tool.
  • The navigation is simpler - less hopping between the different views and making changes to the resource plans can be done in several views, which decreases the need of navigation. Make changes by clicking less!

The UI renewal brings along a better user experience and it contributed to new features as well, which will make resource allocation management even easier in Silverbucket. Now, the user can personalize his view by hiding and showing the different sections - according to his own needs. Sounds good? Try Silverbucket yourself and test the new features. Get your free trial here!


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