What benefits does a resourcing tool bring to project management?

Many are surprised to hear that there are separate softwares for project resourcing. Many also wish for a software that would cover all different functions that are needed in project management. These kinds of softwares do exist but, unfortunately, some modules of the wider project management solutions are not very convenient to use and for that reason the modules are easily dismissed. E.g. regarding resourcing, these kinds of situations can generate inventive personal solutions among resource managers. From the individual point of view the solutions can be even functional but this practice may not be the best option for overall project resource management from the organisation’s point of view. 

Softwares that are alike to resourcing tools are often narrowed to focus on a certain functionality and they are often integration-friendly as well. The great benefit of these kinds of softwares is that the software developers are utterly focused to develop the main functionality as exceptional and workable as possible which generates visible positive effects in usage. 

Here are three the most important benefits that should be born in mind when considering a resourcing tool:

  • Resource allocations are in one database, which enables getting rid of various resourcing excels, documents and other alternative resourcing solutions. All the resource information is found from the same place and one doesn’t have to worry about the different databases.
  • Having the resource allocation information in the same place enables development of a new open and functioning resourcing practice. Everyone is aware of the resourcing practice which is followed by an easier execution of the agreed custom. 
  • Honestly, and I am sure you agree with me, individual and personal resourcing excels and other solutions are often dated and maybe even a bit hardly readable to other counterparts. Service providers take care of developing the product so you can concentrate on your core business.

Acquiring a new tool is always a big decision and hopefully the bullet points above can assist in the decision-making process. The best way to see the real pros and cons of a resourcing tool is testing the product. If the service provider offers a free trial, I highly recommend testing the product before making the final decision. Do not only use time on pondering – use time on testing as well.

Jaana Hatanpää

Relationship Manager

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