What is the price and value of your own work?

Who would challenge the current models and develop the product further by taking into account the latest best practises?

Many IT companies are used to purchasing information systems to various needs such as enterprise resource planning, task management, access control and project management. However, many organisations rely on Excels when it comes to project resourcing and when pondering about acquiring a new system, developing a solution by yourself becomes an advisable option alongside pre-build solutions. Sometimes ‘own work’ is seen as more affordable as purchasing a pre-build solution. But is this true? Will your self-developed solution become more affordable in the long term? When developing an own software, are you able to tackle your organisation’s needs in the best way?

Too often own work gets lower value than it should. Many think that it is more affordable to program your own solution than to purchase a SaaS product or a custom-made solution. However, this way the system can be made accordingly to meet the needs and wishes of the organisation. What if current processes could need a bit of polishing? Who would challenge the current models and develop the product further by taking into account the latest best practises? Using own people can be validated during low-season of projects but what happens with maintenance, support and product development when the developers are moved back to customer projects?

The level of technical know-how in software companies is high and they have ability to produce high-level softwares for various needs. However, many software companies are determined to be the best in certain technologies, industries and generating specific solutions, which requires active and heavy investment in maintaining and developing their niche expertise. This kind of know-how is recommended to be utilised. In best cases, solid and topic-specific know-how and high-level technical outcome are combined in pre-build solutions.

The customer is able to benefit also from the supplier’s know-how in process issues which often arise when assessing and acquiring new tools. In a fruitful cooperation, it is also possible to get your voice and wishes heard and taken into account in the product development. In the long term, continuously developed ready-made solution is most highly to become more affordable than the work of your own developers which always has a price as well. 

Kristina Forsström

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