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We take project resourcing seriously

Silverbucket wants to make project resourcing convenient for everyone and provide the best possible tool for it. Five years ago there weren’t this kind of a tool in the Finnish market and the three founders of Silverbucket were wondering back then: “Can’t project resourcing really be done better?” After several long discussions and encouraging beer pints the venturesome men decided to found the company. Since the beginning, trust to the company’s main idea has been strong – only few months after the kickoff the founders were presenting the first version of the resourcing tool.

Our aim is to help companies get rid of old-fashioned and poorly functioning project resourcing tools. We don’t just want to sell the product but we want to support our customers in their project resourcing challenges. Since 2011 there has been an unofficial slogan: “Frustration prevention since 2011”. We get a lot of credit for having a fast and good customer service and we are very proud of that. However, sitting still didn’t get us to this point so pursuing higher is our great interest. We embrace customer feedback & development ideas and also going international is high on our priority list.

Silverbucket in a nutshell

  • 15+ years of experience in the fields of project resource management and software development
  • Silverbucket resource management software is developed in Finland by our own developers
  • We have three international partners
  • Over 40% of Finland’s biggest engineering companies trust in Silverbucket in project resource management
  • Silverbucket is used in over 40 countries around the world
  • The solution suits best for resource management of 50 – 10 000 persons
  • We have customers from various industries, such as IT, public sector, engineering and consulting companies

Silverbucket in iPad

Contact information

Street address

Kuninkaankatu 30 A
33200 Tampere

Technical support
+358 40 635 9790

+358 40 680 6860


Tuomas Mikkola
Tuomas Mikkola, CEO +358 40 719 2923

Tuomas takes care that Silverbucket has loads of satisfied customers, happy employees and eager business partners. Tuomas has filled his bucket with rock and roll attitude.

Mika Kinnunen
Mika Kinnunen, Sales +358 400 600 364

Mika is strongly involved in the customer interface, helping new customers get started with Silverbucket and assuring that current customers are pleased. Mika’s bucket is filled with a great laughter and motorcycle gadgets.

Jaana Hatanpää
Jaana Hatanpää, Sales & Marketing +358 45 132 2833

Jaana's main interest is to help our customers get the most out of Silverbucket. In addition, she endeavors to create prosperous sales and marketing activities. Jaana's bucket is filled with chocolate and good spirit.

Reija Tulasalo
Reija Tulasalo, Sales & Marketing +358 40 595 9305

Reija assists you in any issues related to project and resource management. Her effort is also seen in Silverbucket's market communications and in diverse project management contents. Reija's bucket is filled with sunny days.

Toni Uimonen
Toni Uimonen, Advisor +358 40 507 1004

Toni discusses with customers the puzzle of how to combine needs and offering. Additionally, he discusses with the rest of the Silverbucket the possibility to combine the needs and the offering. Toni's bucket is filled with happy customers.

Janne Kanerva
Janne Kanerva, CTO +358 44 339 8681

Janne makes sure Silverbucket is always the best option for project resourcing. He ensures this by visiting a lot of customers and listening to their ideas. Janne's bucket is filled with champagne.

Aleksi Lattunen
Aleksi Lattunen, R&D and Support +358 40 730 1597

Good-humored Aleksi is responsible for a number of customer problems as part of our helpful support-team. As a open-minded developer Aleksi enjoys creating something new and wants to make Silverbucket increasingly better product. Aleksi's bucket is filled with sautéed reindeer.

The Perfect Overview

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