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Project Resource Management Guide

We have compiled all the best practices and advice from 15 years of passion and experience in the field and produced a project resourcing guide for you. Read our guide and learn how to improve productivity through resource management!

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Silverbucket in 85 seconds

Watch our video and learn in 85 seconds what Silverbucket is all about. The video includes few clips about the user interface so you will also see how the tool looks like. Watch the video and share it with your colleague!


Convince your boss and colleagues

Have you familiarized yourself with our project resource management tool and you would like to introduce Silverbucket to your boss and colleagues? We compiled a one-paged pdf for your where we have presented Silverbucket briefly. Download it and share it!


Podcast: Silverbucket for optimised project resources allocation

Our partner Fennobiz produced a podcast where Pekka Niskanen interviewed our CEO Tuomas Mikkola. They discussed project resource management matters and talked about what kind of benefits customers gain from using Silverbucket. The duration of the podcasta is about 23 minutes.

The Perfect Overview

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