More profit, less spreadsheets

A resource planning tool that pays for itself.

For resource management, the options have typically been fragile, self made spreadsheets or clumsy ERP add ons. But why not go for a purpose built tool? Silverbucket is a specialized resourcing tool that does what it says on the tin easily and effectively. What’s more, Silverbucket is simple and fast to integrate to your existing environment.

resource planning
The big picture at a glance

At a glance you can see the resource situation from the whole company’s perspective, or even just for a single team. 

Easy resource management

Not even the best software can help you if the data are out of date. With Silverbucket you can easily create projects, maintain and update data. 

Allocate roles to a project

It’s not always clear who’s working on what project.  With Silverbucket you can do resourcing directly for a person or just a role.

Soft booking  helps project planning

Project plans change and projects may be extended. In a situation like this you can make tentative allocations and sketch out a resource plan.

Data that is always up-to-date

Changes are reflected instantly in the system. Several people can do resourcing at the same time and get up-to-date information.

Numbers to support decision-making

You can rely on a single projects numerical data or detailed reports which combines the past and the future from multiple projects. 


Case Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources

Prior to the introduction of Silverbucket Sweco had several different resource planning solutions in place. However, the use of different tools did not make summarising information any easier which provoked interest towards alternative resourcing solutions. According to Timo Pekkinen, Sweco’s technology director, Silverbucket offers a whole different way to manage resourcing situation. Silverbucket has therefore made a remarkably positive impact to Sweco’s work and operating methods.

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