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Annual report 2018 – a year of growth and international expansion

Silverbucket’s theme in 2018 was growth and international markets. Last year we signed partnership agreements in the UK and Switzerland, in addition to which we started talking to several potential new partners. Turnover exceeded €1.4 m, up 41% on the previous year. It can be also said that we made a breakthrough in Sweden, in particular, in 2018. We also took a significant step towards new ventures last year when we started developing new products. Lot have happened, and we are excited to see what year 2019 brings! 


Summary: Resource allocation of 1.000 people

In an organization of a 1.000 people, resource allocation is carried out on many different levels. This summery is an overview of up-to-date resource allocation information of a relatively big organization, as well as the benefits that can be gained from it in an organizational level. 


Use cases for Soft booking

In Silverbucket it is possible to make two different kind of allocations: confirmed and tentative. Read when tentative allocations are useful. 


Webinar: Soft booking

In the webinar you will see how to make tentative allocations, how tentative and confirmed allocations differ and what kind of possibilities soft booking brings to your resourcing process.


Welcome to Silverbucket’s, Parm’s and Digioiva’s customer event 16.11.2018

Theme of the day is future, and the key note speaker is Mirja Hämäläinen from Demos Helsinki. Demos Helsinki is an independent think tank. They work to solve especially future societal problems and challenges. At the end we will have workshops and discussion panel. 


Meet Silverbucket at the Project Challenge Expo 2018 in London

We are taking part of Project Challenge Expo 2018  for the first time which is held on 9 - 10 October 2018 Olympia, London. Project Challenge Expo is the UK's leading independent show for projects, programmes, process and resource. We are attending to the event with our partner Milestone.


Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H2

After relaxing holidays and a slow-paced summer, we have returned to a normal rhythm here at Silverbucket. A new version will be provided again every month. In February I wrote down a bit about our targets for the first half of 2018 and now it is time to update these thoughts for the second half of the year. Let's first go through what we have managed to create and execute during the last six months. Read more!


Webinar: Introduction to Silverbucket's resourcing features - register now!

We are organizing a Silverbucket webinar where our CEO Tuomas Mikkola will present how resourcing is managed with Silverbucket. Read more about the webinar and register now! 


What is a resourcing process and how should it flow?

We have written two blog posts about a resource management process and this article is the first one to be published. It presents a basic model of a resourcing process. Later, we will publish another article explaining more about the responsibilities and tasks of the different stakeholders involved in resource planning. Let’s begin! 


Better invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process

We claim that it is possible to raise the invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process. Maybe even double it! In this article, we will introduce the arguments behind the statement. Read more! 


Series of webinars in English

Our partner Milestone is arranging series of webinars highlighting some of its features and functions of Silverbucket.


Milestone is taking Silverbucket to UK and Ireland

Finnish Software Company Silverbucket Oy and Primo Milestone Ltd, the established experts in project management software solutions, have started co-operation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Silverbucket’s project portfolio resource management tool remarkably complements Milestone’s product portfolio. Milestone is delivering the Silverbucket SaaS service together with consultation and support services for its customers.


What kind of tools does a project organisation need?

”Don’t choose a generic tool for your organisation.” This is one of the main statements expounded in the presentation. The explanation shortly is that one should choose a tool that is perfect for your project type. If we hold on to the project type concept that we presented in the previous article, let’s look closer at the statement from development and delivery project points of view. Which tools are perfect for these project types? Read more!


Silverbucket and Swiss company Parm form strategic partnership

Two market leaders in project management software, the Finnish company Silverbucket Oy and St. Gallen-based parm ltd. (myPARM Software Suite) have decided to join forces on the German-speaking market in the area of project resource management.


How to utilize different absence features in Silverbucket?

In Silverbucket you have few ways to manage different kinds of “absences”, such as part-time work, holidays or other leaves. The essential question is that should the absence decrease an employee’s capacity or not. Read more how to manage absences in Silverbucket!


What is the bottleneck of success in different project types?

Roughly speaking, there are two types of projects: development and delivery projects. The development projects usually include development of something new, such as a process or a product. Whereas delivery projects include a clear specification of a project scope which must be followed and delivered to a customer. These project types are very different, even more different than people usually think. Read more!


Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H1

What new features to expect during Silverbucket’s first half-year in 2018? The big development themes are skill management, different work load types (“soft” and “hard”) and some finishing touches of the new UI. In addition, we are developing our own processes continuously and one visible process change will be a more frequent Silverbucket update cycle (appr. once a month). Read more!


How to use different project categorizing means in Silverbucket?

Do you have loads of projects and you wish to have some means for categorizing them? In Silverbucket there are three ways to categorize projects: portfolio, project tag and category. Read more!


Silverbucket's Unprecedented Year 2018

Last year was filled with big changes. Silverbucket's user interface had a makeover which was a result of long work hours from our product development team during last year. Read more about Silverbucket's year 2017!


"Brexit: Finnish Companies Breaking British Markets" By Talent Tampere

Talent Tampere published an interesting article about internationalisation and especially expanding to the UK. The article presents internationalisation stories of three Finnish companies. Silverbucket was one of the companies that was interviewed. Read more!

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