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Better invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process

We claim that it is possible to raise the invoicing rate with a functional resourcing process. Maybe even double it! In this article, we will introduce the arguments behind the statement. Read more! 


What is the bottleneck of success in different project types?

Roughly speaking, there are two types of projects: development and delivery projects. The development projects usually include development of something new, such as a process or a product. Whereas delivery projects include a clear specification of a project scope which must be followed and delivered to a customer. These project types are very different, even more different than people usually think. Read more!


What is the price and value of your own work?

Many IT companies are used to purchasing information systems to various needs such as enterprise resource planning, task management, access control and project management. However, many organisations rely on Excels when it comes to project resourcing and when pondering about acquiring a new system, developing a solution by yourself becomes an advisable option alongside pre-build solutions. Sometimes ‘own work’ is seen as more affordable as purchasing a pre-build solution. But is this true? Will your self-developed solution become more affordable in the long term? When developing an own software, are you able to tackle your organisation’s needs in the best way?


What benefits does a resourcing tool bring to project management?

Many are surprised to hear that there are separate softwares for project resourcing. Many also wish for a software that would cover all different functions that are needed in project management. These kinds of softwares do exist but, unfortunately, some modules of the wider project management solutions are not very convenient to use and for that reason the modules are easily dismissed.


Which one is flexible: process or tool?

There are two basic options for enhancing company's key processes with software tools. One option is to select a single system for all the needs and the second option is to build a toolbox with several individual components. Depending on the selected strategy, you are either modifying your key processes to fit the demands of the tool or selecting the best possible individual tools to support your current processes.

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