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Project resource management makes sense

Silverbucket offers a simple cloud service for project resource allocation management. Optimizing project resources leads to increased profitability. Silverbucket will help you gain more competitive advantage on your way to becoming the leading professional of your industry.

Corporate software does not have to be difficult to use. Silverbucket is a user friendly service which is developed together with clients. We offer a free trial period where your organization’s personnel and project data can be imported to the trial version by request. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and explore Silverbucket’s resourcing features for yourself!

Silverbucket in an iPad

Increase transparency in resource allocation management

When resource data is stored in one place and is updated constantly, exploring resourcing plans on project, team and individual level is effortless. The information Silverbucket provides enhances transparency and openness within your organization.

Better forecasting

When plans change, project allocation figures in Silverbucket update immediately. You are able to see the impact of your resourcing actions as you make them. The views and reports in Silverbucket make resource forecasting simple.

Resourcing adds productivity

With Silverbucket you are able to boost your organization’s human resource utilization rate. Resourcing becomes clearer and the amount of free time for relevant project work increases.

Useful information to support decision making and leadership

Silverbucket’s excellent data filtering options and report features add efficiency to resource and project finance management. In Silverbucket it is easy to get information for managing both single projects and project portfolios. The information provided supports management level strategic decisions.

Recognize resourcing problems

It is easier to fix problems when they are signalled as they occure. As you add or change resource allocations you can keep track of the overall people resource situation. You are able to recognize and fix potential problems such as under- and overload situations and other resourcing conlicts on time.

A tool favored by many

We know that adding and changing resource allocations on a regular base requires a tool that is easy to use. This is why user friendliness forms the base of our development process. Resourcing with Silverbucket is made simple, therefore users are motivated in keeping data up to date. Our fast responding technical support is here to assist you whenever needed.


Already 100 customers trust Silverbucket in project resource management.


Silverbucket is used in over 40 countries around the world.

50 - 10 000

Ideal for project resource management between 50 and 10 000 people.

The perfect overview to project resourcing

The main resourcing graph provides you a versatile view of the actual resourcing situation in your organisation. Different usergroups are able to examine resourcing data from chosen viewpoints and time ranges while understanding the overall situation throughout the organisation. Recognizing under- and overload situations as well as different role needs brings much needed information to your project planning. You can edit resource allocations in different time modes (month, week, day) and allocation scales (percentages, hours, workdays).

Effortless and fast resource allocating

Allocating a person to a project or making allocation changes can’t be a time consuming operation. In Silverbucket adding project members is simple and allocations are made with a single mouse gesture. Forecasts are updated instantly and you are able to see how changes effect to project’s financial figures right away. Forecasts, key figures and utilization rates can be followed in real time. One key function is the option to allocate role needs to projects, when the need for a project member is identified, but the actual person to implement the work is yet to be defined.

Be in control of project portfolios

In Silverbucket you can define a project’s budget, priority and risk levels (resourcing scope, budget risks and schedule). In addition to single project level monitoring you can follow projects’ progress from a portfolio viewpoint: you can add projects to portfolios or categorize them using tags. You can also filter and follow project data on customer and organization levels.

Filter resource data and create reports to support decision making

Do you require better facts about utilization rates, teams’ and other usergroup’s overall resourcing situations or reports to support your decisions? Silverbucket provides excellent data filters and reporting features, which provide support for resource and project finance management. Different parties, such as project managers, team leaders and the management level are offered information on resourcing and how it affects projects’ success. Current data enables fast overviews in real time and the ability to react straight away when resourcing situations require your attention.

Timesheet - track your actuals

Silverbucket-resourcing solution comes with a hour tracking feature that supports project resourcing. Hours are added in a simple interface, where each person can add their work hours to their own projects. Work hours can be made in a day or week view. Based on the recorded hours it is possible to forecast remaining work amounts and compare realized hours to plans.

What can be integrated?

We often hear the question "Can you integrate our people and projects from our existing backend system in to Silverbucket?". You can very well implement your company's resourcing process with a standalone Silverbucket service. In some cases there already is a backend system containing the project and people information. Most probably also the actual hours and projects' financial history is there.

By integrating Silverbucket with the backend system, you get more from the process. You fill the information only once, only to a single service. Usually we integrate projects, people and other basic information in to Silverbucket. From there on you make the future project planning in Silverbucket.

The most common entities are

  • Projects and customers
  • People
  • Actual hours
  • Project invoices and expenses

but we have implemented a whole lot of other integrations also, in and out of Silverbucket.

Silverbucket works well beside other systems and integrations are not even always necessary. Silverbucket is used for example alongside Jira, ValueFrame, Parm, Maconomy, Visma Severa and PlanMill. If you are interested to learn more about Silverbucket, please contact our sales!

The Perfect Overview

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