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Easy and effective project resourcing software with unnamed resources, soft booking, holidays and multiple calendars. Silverbucket is a web-based application and very simple to integrate with other systems.

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Find available people with clear color codings

Find available people.

Quickly view your employees in your part of the organization. See each person’s overall allocation level clearly marked with coloured boxes.

With powerful filtering criteria it’s easy to find just the right people for the job.

Allocate roles or person to a project.

Do you already know who you want to allocate to your project? Great! If not, you can make allocations to unassigned roles also.

For more fine-grained planning, you can plan also for tasks.

Manage employee competency and skill levels
Change resource plans quickly by dragging over time

Change plans easily.

Change employee’s project allocations in seconds.

Expand the plans and change the allocation level by dragging over the desired time interval with the desired level.

Compare actuals to planned hours.

You can easily see how accurate the resource plan was by comparing actuals to allocations.

This information will give you a better understanding on how to make better resourcing plans in the future.

Manage employee competency and skill levels

Profit from a better invoicing rate with Silverbucket

Use the calculator to find out how much even a small increase in invoicing rate affects your business.

Number of employees
Hourly rate
Hourly Rate (average)
Increase in invoice rate
Increase in invoicing rate with Silverbucket
+ 1.5%
Increase in turnover
+37 920 €/month
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Silverbucket article

What are the benefits of a project resourcing software?

We have created a guide where you will find best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimise project resourcing.

Holiday and absence management in Silverbucket

Versatile reports help you to make better decisions.

This excellent resource management software gives insight on how well your business is doing.

In Silverbucket, you can examine performance dashboards and detailed reports which will combine the past and the future resourcing information also in the economical perspective.

Manage employee skills.

Define your organization’s skill management tree and add compentencies on different levels of the tree. Add as many skill levels as needed.

Set the appropriate level on employee level and use the set skills to find suitable people to your projects.

Manage employee competency and skill levels
Holiday and absence management in Silverbucket

Holiday and absence management.

Booked holidays are shown clearly in the live data graphs which helps project planning.

With each individual we always show if there are partial or full-time holidays within the time interval.

Project risk management.

There's always a risk. With project risk management it is easy to track risks with the highest probability and impact.

In Silverbucket you can define your own risk types and set them individually for each project.

Project risk management matrix in Silverbucket
Holiday and absence management in Silverbucket

Time tracking.

Time tracking is essential in project business. In Silverbucket, employees can add actuals in a weekly or daily timesheet view.

If you are looking for a simple time tracking tool - we have a separate tool for this purpose only. Read more about our simple time tracking tool.

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Integrations between Silverbucket and other ERPs

By integrating Silverbucket with a backend system, you get more from our resource management software. We have implemented a numerous amount of integrations between ERPs and Silverbucket. And of course, Silverbucket works perfectly as a standalone service.

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