Integration helps your organisation get more done in Silverbucket

Can you integrate the people and projects from our existing backend system into Silverbucket?

You can very well implement your company's resourcing process with a standalone Silverbucket service. In some cases there already is a backend system containing people and projects. Most probably also the actuals and projects' financial history are there.

By integrating Silverbucket with a backend system, you get more from the process. You fill in the information only once to a single service. The most common entities we integrate are

  • People
  • Projects and customers
  • Actuals
  • Project invoices and expenses

After that you can start planning your resources in Silverbucket.

We have implemented a whole lot of other integrations also, into and out of Silverbucket. Silverbucket works well beside other systems, and integrations are not even always necessary. Silverbucket is used e.g. alongside

  • Jira
  • ValueFrame
  • PARM
  • Maconomy
  • Visma Severa
  • PlanMill
  • Millnet

Have an ERP system that's not listed above? No problem, usually a new connection can be implemented in hours or days. Don't hesitate to ask more!

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