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A Story: What Does a Software Acquisition and a Shoe Cabinet Have in Common?

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Acquiring a new software is always a big investment for a company and it arouses different thoughts and feelings within people. Some are surely excited, some probably sceptic and some even slightly afraid. Often a phrase “not another tool” is also heard in the discussions. We would like to share one of our stories with you. We hope that the story offers you new insights and a way to switch your or your colleague’s mindset if you get those negative feelings. Let us tell you a story about shoes. Everyone has shoes at home and we dare to claim that everyone has more than one pair.

However, imagine that you have only one pair of shoes. You have reasoned that one pair is enough because you do not need more than one pair of walking shoes. Especially when putting all your trust to a one pair of shoes, you should pay special attention towards the quality and that the shoes fit perfectly to your feet. Yet after few days of using the same shoes you start noticing that your feet get a bit tired. You need also another pair of shoes to keep your feet energetic and healthy. In case your purchase decision was not perfect and you bought low quality shoes, you should find the fastest way to the pharmacy store and buy the biggest package of blister bandages they have. But that will give you only a short relief.

"The thought about owning only one pair of shoes may seem reasonable and handy but in practice it might be challenging to use that one pair in every occasion."

So you notice that one pair is not enough and you need another pair of walking shoes. You might also notice that walking shoes are not best for jogging and you also need a pair of fancy shoes for a party you got invited to. By studying your needs and doing a sufficient background work, your shoe cabinet starts filling up from high-quality and versatile pairs of shoes. You will have a nice shoe selection that will offer a suitable option for every occasion. That will surely bring joy to you, and your feet will thank you!

There is a risk that you might make false bargains such as unfit, low-quality or impulse purchases. It’s inevitable, you will make mistakes but you can learn from your mistakes and get rid of the poor choices. To make a successful purchase, recognize the need, evaluate and test different options and consult sales persons. Don’t bungle through the process.

The thought about owning only one pair of shoes may seem reasonable and handy but in practice it might be challenging to use that one pair in every occasion. To get a premium and functional shoe selection, invest in quality, need assessment, background work and you will avoid blisters and unfit shoes. Next stop, shoe shopping!


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