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Take a stronger grip on your success: Optimize team capacity and improve project profitability.

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Resource intelligence.

With our user-friendly resourcing tool, you can make resource plans easily and get a clear view of your company’s resource allocations.

Your projects succeed better with Silverbucket. Achieve results without random spreadsheets, sweat and tears.

Silverbucket – Plan for the Future

Learn from the past.
Plan for the future.

Silverbucket helps you to evaluate how the business is doing. In the resourcing overview, you can easily check your status now and see how it will look in the future.

For example, you will be able to identify how much free capacity is available. Is there enough billable work in the sales pipeline? Compare actual results with plans.

Silverbucket – Allocate people or roles

Allocate people or roles, and make Gantt charts.

With Silverbucket, resource allocations can be made at the:

  • Role level
  • Individual level
  • Task level

Tasks can be utilized to outline the project schedule, but resource allocations do not need to be taken to such a detailed level. The choice is yours!

Silverbucket – Plan for the Future

Competency management for optimal project delivery.

Capture every skill, pinpoint every gap.Enhance project delivery with well-matched resourcing and match skills to project requirements.


Calculate the effects.

Use the calculator to find out how much even a small increase in invoicing rate affects your business.

Number of employees
Hourly rate
Hourly Rate (average)
Increase in invoice rate
Increase in invoicing rate with Silverbucket
+ 1.5%
Increase in turnover
+37 920 €/month
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