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Resourcing overview

Resourcing overview

Find out who is busy and who is not, see your resourcing status right now and in the future, and find the best possible project team in a single view.

Which types of projects make up the workload.

Silverbucket shows you how much of your work consists of internal development projects and how much is billable project work. This makes it easy for you to ensure that your organisation keeps its focus. Silverbucket also visualises the number of projects in the sales pipeline and the work these projects will require. This helps you to keep control of capacity planning.

Holiday and absence management.

Add holidays to Silverbucket to see who is available and who is away, facilitating project planning.  Each person’s actual allocation status becomes visible. Silverbucket can manage various types of absence with ease, no matter whether a person is on holiday or absent part-time.

Find free people.

Versatile filters help you to find the right people for your projects. The filter criteria may include the person’s role, user groups or skills. You can also choose to apply several filters at once to further refine your search. Colour codes clearly indicate every person’s allocation status, making it easy to identify the people who are free.

Conflicts are clearly visible.

Situations often change as projects go on, and this can easily lead to conflicts in resource planning. Silverbucket uses different colour codes and icons to highlight situations where action might be needed. This ensures you stay up to date and know where your attention is required.

Silverbucket article

What are the benefits of a project resourcing software?

We have created a guide where you will find best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimise project resourcing.

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