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Summary: How to pick a perfect resource management solution and implement it successfully 

Reija Stenroos
Reija Stenroos
Head of Sales and Marketing

We have created a guide to help you choose the perfect project resource management solution and to implement it. This is a brief summary of the guide. For a more in-depth understanding, please download the full guide.  

Project business and goals for the project resource management

Project-based businesses, constituting a significant portion of global enterprises, operate by delivering goods and services through project-oriented approaches. Architecture, engineering, construction, software development, and professional services are examples of project-based businesses.

Successful project-based businesses prioritize refining resource management processes, establishing Project Management Offices (PMOs), optimizing budget allocation, and embracing digital transformation.  

Objectives for resource management encompass improving:

  • project profitability
  • efficient resource planning and allocation
  • maximizing efficiency
  • supporting hiring decisions
  • accurate job costing
  • preventing miscommunication
  • enhancing job satisfaction
  • boosting productivity

Effective resource management is essential for operational excellence and long-term success in project-based businesses.  

Requirements for the project resource planning software based on goal setting   

Selecting the right resource management tool involves prioritizing crucial aspects and recognizing common challenges.  Considerations for choosing a resource management tool include determining the need for a dedicated solution versus a project management tool, deciding between cloud-based and installed solutions, and choosing between tailor-made or Software as a Service (SaaS) options.  

The crucial aspect is to identify problems in resource management and setting the requirements for the resource management tool.  

When considering project resource planning software, it is crucial to evaluate various features and factors to ensure the chosen solution aligns with the specific needs of your organization. Those might be for example:  

  • resource forecasting
  • capacity planning,  
  • competency management
  • real-time updates
  • integration possibilities

Steps before choosing the right project resource planning tool  

Before choosing the right project resource planning software, several steps are necessary to ensure a suitable selection for the organization's needs. The process begins with finding and evaluating potential candidates, considering requirements identified beforehand. This can involve researching online, utilizing review sites, and seeking recommendations from colleagues or partners.

Narrowing down options based on functionality, customer references, and offerings helps streamline the selection process. Booking demonstrations from software providers allows for firsthand experience of the tools in action, aiding in evaluating usability and features. Ultimately, the chosen tool should simplify project resource management and align with organizational goals, potentially requiring adjustments to processes for optimal integration.  

Planning the implementation phase and adapting project resource management process  

Once a joint decision is made on the best project resource planning software, the implementation phase begins, requiring careful planning and scheduling for successful outcomes. Time should be reserved for implementation tasks such as workshops, system configurations, data imports, integrations, and user testing. A detailed schedule, created in collaboration with the software provider, helps ensure efficiency, with regular updates provided to involved parties.

The scope of implementation varies based on organizational size, with smaller organizations typically undergoing a more straightforward process lasting few weeks, while larger organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees may require several months of work, including system integrations and extensive testing.

Regardless of size, defining a proper resource management process is crucial for project success. Clear documentation ensures internal guidelines are understood, roles and responsibilities are defined, and project resource planning is improved. In both small and large organizations, the resourcing process follows a similar cycle, starting from project initiation and resource demand, followed by team-level resource management meetings and individual employee reporting. Regular updates and iterations are made as needed to accommodate changes in project requirements.

Adjusting project resource management tool to working life – involving people to the change  

Implementing a project resource planning tool requires careful consideration of organizational dynamics and effective change management strategies to overcome resistance and ensure successful adoption. McKinsey estimates that 70% of change programs fail due to employee resistance, emphasizing the importance of involving people in the process.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in driving change, with executives and upper management serving as champions to set the tone and cascade the change throughout the organization. Effective communication is essential, emphasizing the why, what, and how of the change to create alignment and understanding at all levels.

To facilitate communication, organizations should establish a comprehensive communication plan with a variety of channels to reach everyone effectively. Joint gatherings and internal guidelines can further enhance understanding and adoption.  

Wrap up

  • Define goals for resourcing
  • Set requirements for the solution  
  • Evaluate software
  • Create implementation plan  
  • Don’t forget the communication and involving people!
  • Software provider should help along the way!

We have prepared a comprehensive guide on selecting and implementing a resource management tool. If you wish to delve deeper into the topic, download the guide.

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