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Forecasting and reporting

Forecasting and reporting

Silverbucket helps you to understand how business is going. You will have access to numerical data for individual projects and a wide range of reports that combine past and future information.

Resourcing overview.

The resourcing overview helps you to check your status now and see how it will look in the future. For example, you will be able to identify how much free capacity is available. Is there enough billable work in the sales pipeline? How much of the total is purchased from subcontractors? Compare actual results with plans.

Compare the actual results with the plans.

Silverbucket makes it easy to model the accuracy of your resource plans by comparing the actual results with allocations in Silverbucket. This information enables you to plan better, more precise projects from a practical and financial standpoint.

Silverbucket article

What are the benefits of a project resourcing software?

We have created a guide where you will find best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimise project resourcing.

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