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Silverbucket Resource Planning Interface

Resource management
made easy.

With our user-friendly resourcing tool, you can make resource plans easily and get a clear view your company’s resource allocations. Your projects succeed better and it is easier to make project planning.

Learn from the past.
Plan for the future.

With the right resource planning tool you can easily create resource allocations, make data driven desicions and compare future plans to actuals.

Silverbucket resource planning allocations
Silverbucket resource planning strategy
Free guide

How to increase profitability
by optimising resourcing?

We have created a guide where you will find the best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimising project resourcing.

Built for resource management, across all industries.


Capacity planning
Resourcing overview
Track budgets and forecast


Visualize resource capacity
Competency management
Reporting and budget tracking

IT consultants

Resource forecasting
Project reporting
Resouce planning

Customer story: Sweco

Towards comprehensively more effective resource management with the best practices

“Different employees such as regional managers and heads of departments and units can have an instant view at resourcing information and know exactly what the situation is. At the same time we are offered better transparency across units and departments.”

Timo Pekkinen, Sweco


Increase profitability with Silverbucket

Use the calculator to find out how much even a small increase in invoicing rate affects your business.

Number of employees
Hourly rate
Hourly Rate (average)
Increase in invoice rate
Increase in invoicing rate with Silverbucket
+ 1.5%
Increase in turnover
+37 920 €/month
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Silverbucket resource management
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3 reasons to start using Silverbucket today

Silverbucket resource management

Plan resources efficiently.

With Silverbucket you can plan projects workload smarter. Allocate resources easily and see updates in real-time.


Predict the future.

All projects, people and capacity levels can be monitored from a single view. No more guessing about the resourcing situation - it is time to start knowledge-based resource management.

Silverbucket resource management strategy
Silverbucket resource management interface

Increase project profitability.

The efficient use of resources means better invoicing rate. And less overbookings reduce stress levels and sick leaves.

Silverbucket resourcing interface

5 important steps in resource planning process

Effective resource planning process together with a smooth resource planning tool is a key to a profitable business and happy employees.

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