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Let’s ease the project resource management pain together. Become a partner.

Silverbucket is known for being an invaluable resource management tool which delivers its promises to customers and aims to provide a truly beneficial software and impeccable customer service.

We have already a significant market position in Nordic markets and we have proven to be the number one resource management tool.

Finland’s biggest engineering companies use Silverbucket

Over a third of Finland’s biggest engineering companies use Silverbucket as their resource allocation management system. In total there are more than 15,000 people being planned in Silverbucket, and it is used in over 40 countries.

Our goal is to build a solid partner network in Europe. We are looking for partners who share our values and are interested in cooperating with Silverbucket by selling our project portfolio resource management solution.

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New business opportunity with a growing SaaS business

Make your customers happy.

We have the number one resource management tool and we are certain that your customers would agree with us. Silverbucket will help your customers grow their billing and utilisation rate. What better way to increase your customer satisfaction!

More opportunities.

With our tool in your sales portfolio you can find new target groups, expand your business in new areas or create new services around resource management.

Grow your business.

New business brings new revenue. By adding our solution to your portfolio, you can convince your customers from a new angle.

Position your company higher.

You can offer a must-have project resourcing tool and build a stronger project consultant image with help of our solution.

We are here to support you

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We are always here to help you. We will assist you to find best leads, assist on the sales process and share our best practises.


We will give you all the necessary marketing material, so it is easier for you to convince your customers. Product development is continuous and therefore we take care that you have latest information on new features in Silverbucket.

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Silverbucket resource management interface


Naturally we’ll train you on technical issues so that you can be there for your customers. Also, our support will always assist on other technical matters.

A success story with Sundbom & Partners

The main idea behind Sundbom & Partners is to work as an independent business between the customer and the ERP vendors. Their primary target is to help customers to reach the full potential in their ERP solution.

The ERP systems usually have good built-in functionality to visualise the actuals. It is sometimes harder to visualise an overview of the future. Mattias Gustafsson (Product Manager at Sundbom & Partners) clarifies:

This was the reason why they started to look for easy to use tool for visualising the project future and the choice fell on Silverbucket. The solution is easy to integrate with other systems, so it felt like a perfect match to combine those two worlds.

The partnership between Sundbom & Partners and Silverbucket started in August 2016. Co-operation has been smooth from the beginning, because both companies have the same vision about making things easy. Communication is effortless and Silverbucket helps to solve possible problems concerning product or customers’ wishes.

In the beginning Silverbucket guided Sundbom & Partners through the product and the first cases were handled together. After some cases Sundbom & Partners started to handle cases by themselves. Mattias says:

Silverbucket is easy to learn, but you helped with all the questions and still do after 1,5 years of co-operation. From the beginning we inherited a lot of leads that Silverbucket already had which was good start for the co-operation.

The two companies have frequent communication about joint markets and monthly discussions about the future development of the product. Silverbucket is also giving the same information if a Swedish customer downloads the free trial of the product. There’s mutual interest to constantly find new and exciting customers.

The Swedish market has an increasing demand for easy-to-use tools. It is a crucial fact that software needs to be simple to use so that users are encouraged to continue working with the tool, updating the figures over time. If you don’t achieve that, the information can’t be trusted. At the end of the day it needs its input from the users and the most efficient way to achieve that goal is to provide software that is easy to use. Mattias notes at the end of the discussion:

Silverbucket is all about that, so the future looks promising.