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Integrating competencies

Integrating competencies into resource management

Projects need a wide range of skills. However, people in the same role may have different skills to bring to a project. With Silverbucket, you can manage skills and integrate them into the resourcing process to ensure that you always have the best project team.

Create a skill map.

Create a skill map.

Add the skills relevant to your organisation into Silverbucket and define your organisation’s competency hierarchy. Skills can be split into different categories, and you can add as many levels as you need.

Manage employee competencies.

In line with your company’s policies, supervisors or employees themselves can specify their current skills and skill levels. In addition, a personal target level can be set for each skill.

Manage employee skills.
Use skills in resourcing.

Use competencies in resourcing.

Competency requirements can be added to unallocated roles to make it easier to assign work to specific people. You can also use competency requirements to search for suitable people for the project team.

Competency analysis as an aid to personal development.

Competency analysis makes it easy to see whether your organisation has too much or too little of a certain skill in relation to resource allocations. This information can be used to plan training and recruitment.

Competency analysis as an aid to personal development.
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We have created a guide where you will find best practices in project resource planning. This guide will give you tips about how to increase profitability via resourcing and optimise project resourcing.

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