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Just a little over a year ago, the growth company Efima was looking for a replacement for its numerous resourcing spreadsheets, which no longer met the requirements of the rapidly growing company. The solution to the challenges was Silverbucket.

Efima, a Finnish digital company, specialises in enterprise resource planning as well as financial management and intelligent automation solutions for large and medium-sized companies. Resource management is one of the pillars of Efima’s business: customer projects can last for years and employ dozens of employees at their best. As the company grew strongly, heavy resourcing spreadsheets no longer served Efima’s needs and the company began to look for a more efficient tool for the process.

Even at the mapping stage, it became clear that Silverbucket met Efima’s requirements and needs. Role-based resourcing, the use of competencies in resourcing and preliminary allocations were all features that were seen to facilitate resource management. A clear goal at the beginning of the project was to increase transparency throughout the organisation. 

Efima spared no effort in introducing Silverbucket in order to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible. The process itself was quick: it started in August, and by October the use of the software was already in full swing.

“Silverbucket is one of the most important tools at Efima now. It was easy to learn how to use and deploy. However, we were aware that successful implementation required commitment on our part as a customer,” says Efima’s Project Management Office Lead Tero Javanainen.

The software is now widely used throughout the organisation, and business managers, service managers, project managers and supervisors monitor or maintain resourcing data in the system on a weekly basis. “We’ve gathered more data since the software was introduced, and we have also received a lot of help with our strategic resource planning.

Recruitment decisions are now based on information and we know what kind of projects we want to sell from an HR perspective,” says Javanainen.

Efima has also introduced other Silverbucket features along the way that were not on the list of requirements when the software was being chosen. In addition to risk management, the company also uses financial information from Silverbucket. To support reporting, Efima uses the Power BI tool, which makes the information even more accurate. Efima has also built several integrations with the other software it uses, utilising the application programming interfaces provided by Silverbucket.

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