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Six Time Tracking Solutions to Fit Different Needs

Reija Stenroos
Reija Stenroos
Marketing Manager

There are only so many hours in the day and all of us would like to know what that time is spent on. Time tracking solutions help you understand this better. Whether you want to track your own or your team members’ work time, these solutions allow you to see how time is spent, which helps you to enhance productivity. This article presents 6 time tracking solutions and helps you determine which solution best fits your needs.

1. Silverbucket

Silverbucket - Time tracking

Silverbucket is a user-friendly resource management tool for resourcing projects. The solution also allows users to track their work time. Time tracking on Silverbucket works especially well for organizations that want to manage resources and track time in the same software.

The price of Silverbucket depends on the number of employees within the solution. The starting price for the Standard plan is 9,9 euros per person per month.

2. Harvest

Harvest is a versatile time tracking solution with all basic features and tools for project management and invoicing. Tracking employees’ tasks is easy on Harvest, which allows the employer to see how much work each employee has done and what projects they are working on. Invoicing is easy and simple, as well. With just a few clicks, you can send out invoices to customers according to the tracked work time. If you are looking for a simple time tracking solution, Harvest might be too complicated for you.

Harvest offers a free plan for single users. For more than one person, Harvest costs 12 dollars per user per month.

3. Actually

Actually - Time Tracking

Actually is an extremely simple time tracking solution for corporations of all sizes. Tracking time is easy both in desktop browser and on mobile. Tracking project development, divided into tasks, is effortless, as well. If you want, Actually allows you to create a multi-tier timesheet approval process and to create reports for tracking time. Actually is a Finnish time tracking solution.

Actually is the most cost-efficient solution on this list. The price is 4 euros per user per month.

4. Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a popular and visual time tracking solution that suits freelancers and small teams especially well. Initializing Toggl is easy. You can get started without creating projects, customers, or tasks. Toggl Track offers all basic features needed for tracking work time, timing, reporting, and following your team. Managing projects, tasks, and teams is easy, as well.

The free version of Toggl includes all basic features, and it can be used by 5 users. If basic features are not enough for you or your team consists of more than 5 users, the starting price is 9 dollars per user per month.

5. RescueTime

RescueTime is an especially good fit for small teams and individuals that want to see what they spend their time on. RescueTime functions a bit differently than other time tracking solutions. This solution tracks how much time you spend using different applications and softwares and offers a detailed analysis of your activities. With each report, your understanding of your time becomes clearer.

If basic features are enough for you, the solution is available for free. The Premium plan costs 12 dollars per person per month.

6. TSheet

TSheet is a good fit for organizations with several employees working out of the office, since the solution includes GPS tracking. The employer receives precise information on where and at what time the employee has started and stopped working. In addition, TSheet offers tools for shift planning and invoicing.

The Premiun plan is priced 8 dollars per user per month + a 20-dollar basic charge per month.

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