Combining resource planning and hour tracking information

Customer Story:


“Both the usability of the tool and Silverbucket's support team have been excellent.”

Jarmo Nieminen

Efore chose Silverbucket as their project portfolio resource planning tool. Before switching to Silverbucket Efore had a separate Excel spreadsheet for project resource planning, and a separate tool for hour reporting. The goal with Silverbucket was to improve usability and information visibility. Now, after the change, the project resourcing plans are shared with the whole organization. All employees have access to their resourcing plans, and they input their realized hours to Silverbucket with an easy to use web interface.

The extensive reports of Silverbucket provide a good overview of projects' resourcing needs and forecasts. Today also the management reports come from Silverbucket. The up-to-date information is always online and available also for management.

Silverbucket combines Efore's resourcing plans and reported hours thus providing an easy way to compare planning accuracy.

Smooth roll-out

"The roll-out project was straightforward, and the Silverbucket's team fulfilled our small development requirements. We got a tool that feels familiar as an outcome. Silverbucket's team helped us also migrate our old database to Silverbucket resource planning tool."

"Both the usability of the tool and Silverbucket's support team have been excellent", says Efore's Portfolio Manager Jarmo Nieminen.


Efore is an international company which develops and produces demanding power products. Efore's head office is based in Finland and its production units are located in China and Tunisia. Sales and marketing operations are located in Europe, United States and China. 

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