One of the most profitable year ever with the help of Silverbucket's resource planning tool‍

Customer Story:


Ettelva, Swedish company offering Architectural services, started using Silverbucket in March 2020. At that time Ettelva was using Excel Sheets on their resource planning but those were not enough anymore. They wanted to see more clearly the overall resource situation of the whole company and easily have the plans up to date. 

“Silverbucket has helped us to have open and clear communication especially during the  Covid when employees are not able to meet their colleagues face to face” state Ettelva’s Office Manager and Architect Louise Aurell.

Ettelva’s working philosophy is that everyone is responsible for their own time and therefore everyone needs to plan their own time. “At Ettelva everyone has the right to see all the information on Silverbucket and all employees are responsible for their own resource planning” tells Aurell. In order to make this operation model to work there needs to be constant dialog between the employees and the management. At Ettelva, the Team Managers are responsible for making sure that the resource plans are made on time and based on the company’s instructions. The teams gather together almost daily whereas Louise Aurell leads the Team Managers rally weekly to go through the overall resource situation of the company. Aurell brings the focus into one thing, “Silverbucket brings security onto what we do, because we always have the chance to see not only what we are working on ourselves but also how everyone else is doing”. 

Though Ettelva has been using Silverbucket already for around 10 months, there are plenty of functions to be discovered. At the moment Ettelva is not yet really planning their future projects but this is something that they are planning to do more in the future. “Today, we have been focusing on making effective resource planning for the ongoing projects which we have approximately 120 at the moment” tells Aurell and adds “Actually, because now our resource plans are always up to date this has made us very efficient and last year was one of the most profitable year ever despite of Covid.”

Silverbucket has enabled Ettelva to have a clear view on the overall resource situation and they have high hopes for the future. Ettelva believes that when the time passes and Silverbucket has collected more data on their projects it will be even more beneficial for them to compare how the business is going even on a monthly basis. Ettelva swears on the graphs available on Silverbucket and when asked what are the most important features in Silverbucket the answer comes quickly “The best about Silverbucket is definitely how everything is presented and how easy it is to have an overall look on the company's current situation”. This makes it easy for Ettelva to have the open operational model because everyone knows where to find the information and how to use it. Since everyone is also doing their own resource planning it is important that Silverbucket is easy to use so that all employees are actually doing their part. “The clarity and openness are definitely the key to our company's success” Aurell points out.

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