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The Perfect Overview
A must-have project resourcing tool.

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A must-have project resourcing tool

Silverbucket is a cloud service for resource management which suits all organisations working on projects - regardless of the branch they operate in. With the help of a user-friendly resourcing tool, you get a clear view to the company’s resource allocations, which contributes to a better project planning and execution of projects.

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Visibility to project resourcing

Better forecasts

More productivity

Extensive reporting for decision making

Visibility to project resourcing

Better forecasts

More productivity

Extensive reporting for decision making

Latest news

Silverbucket's Unprecedented Year 2018

As the year 2017 is behind us, let's review how it went. Last year was filled with big changes. Silverbucket's user interface had a makeover which was a result of long work hours from our product development team during last year. Read what else happened in 2017!

Demos Helsinki: ”A weekly gathering to boost learning and motivation”

Demos Helsinki chose in spring 2017 Silverbucket as its project resource management and hour tracking system. We have heard that they have created a successful concept to motivate, commit and brief their employees to use Silverbucket. They call the concept “Bucket Club” and we asked Demos Helsinki to tell a bit more about it. Read the whole article!

Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders

Here are some Silverbucket user tips for resource managers and team leaders who are especially interested in the efficient use of the resource capacity and in the availability of the right resources. With Silverbucket it is easy to mark resource role needs for projects and later move the unnamed roles to people. Making resource plan changes can be done directly with the project manager. The project manager gets named resources to fill the role needs in his/her projects from the resource manager or from the team leader. Read more!

Product Manager’s Greetings 2018-H1

We are acquiring new customers steadily and putting also lots of resources on the development of the Silverbucket software. We are developing the tool for our customers and in the future our aim is to also be open about the roadmap and its initial schedule. As everyone knows, predicting the future is not easy. Our priority lies always within customer needs, which may cause a delay in the initial roadmap schedules. Therefore, please keep in mind that the given schedules are estimates. Even though we present our plans here, they might change quickly. For us, it is important to get feedback from our customers to make the right decisions regarding development ideas and succeed in prioritisation. Read more!

People love us

Sweco - case-kuva
Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources”

Sweco Finland and Silverbucket Ltd have made a frame agreement on implementing Silverbucket’s project portfolio resourcing tool. Sweco has been using Silverbucket since the beginning of 2014 and has constantly expanded the use of Silverbucket yearly. Prior to the introduction of Silverbucket Sweco had several different resource planning solutions in place. However, the use of different tools did not make summarising information any easier which provoked interest towards alternative resourcing solutions.

Case A-Insinöörit
A-Insinöörit - Successful Management of Project Portfolios

 A-Insinöörit's target was to find an agile tool which enables a centralized view to the entire corporation, real-time reporting to the management and support for project forecasting. Read the case and learn how A-Insinöörit benefits from Silverbucket.

Some of our customers

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The Perfect Overview

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