For Silverbucket, 2021 was not just about COVID-19, thankfully

Janne Kanerva
Janne Kanerva

At the end of 2020, Tuomas Mikkola stepped down as CEO after five years in the role to move to other operational duties in the company, and I took over. During Tuomas’ time as CEO, Silverbucket began a systematic programme of internationalisation with good results. We now have several retail partners in Europe.

We began last year by launching a wide-ranging user interface project for the Silverbucket service. Over the years, our customers have provided us with some great ideas, which we have integrated into the product. Now it was time to take stock and think about how we could make the functionality even easier to use. We split the work into two distinct parts: first, we went through the good aspects of the existing solution and the parts that need improving, and then we designed entirely new views for the service with our UX expert. The implementation work is already at an advanced stage, and the first of our customers will soon be able to try out the beta version.

In autumn 2021, Silverbucket took a big step forward in its internationalisation when it was acquired by EG A/S, a Danish software company. EG supplies vertical software for various sectors, and the acquisition will add the Silverbucket resourcing solution to the offering of EG’s Construction unit. Thanks to EG, Silverbucket will gain access to new market areas, including Norway and Denmark.

In figures, 2021 was another great performance. We expanded in several market areas, and our net sales in 2021 were EUR 1.7 million.

The development work will continue, and this year will see the phased introduction of our new user interface for customers alongside the existing user interface. This is to ensure that the change does not take anyone by
surprise and that everyone has plenty of time to get to know the revamped Silverbucket product.

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