How to pick a perfect resourcing solution and implement it successfully!

Did you know that only 22 % of organizations were using the appropriate resource management solution in 2021. We would like to see that percentage to be much higher. Join Silverbucket webinar and we will give you the toolkit to choose best resource management tool for your needs and implement it.


  • Nature of your project business and setting goals for the resourcing
  • Requirements for the solution based on a goal setting
  • Steps before choosing the right solution
  • Planning the implementation phase and adapting resourcing process
  • Adjusting resource tool to everyday working life – involving and committing people to the change

WHEN: Wednesday 25.1.2023 at 10 AM (EET)
DURATION: 45 min presentation + 15 min Q&A
TO WHOM: People who are involved with resource management and want to improve it.
HOSTS: Reija Stenroos and Marianna Söderström

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