Silverbucket names new CEO – ”we aim to be the best in the world”

Janne Kanerva will start as the new CEO in January. Previous CEO Tuomas Mikkola steps down but continues full-time in Silverbucket. Along with Mikkola, Kanerva is one of Silverbucket's three co-founders and main owners.

Silverbucket is a Tampere-based company that has been building the best resourcing solution on the market for the last 10 years to meet customer needs with the help of their development ideas. In the coming year, a large-scale UX development project related to improving the user experience will be

“I am extremely excited to see what the future holds”, Janne Kanerva, the new CEO said. He added, “The ongoing UX development project opens up a lot of opportunities for us – it is our springboard for international growth. In the future, my own focus will be more on supporting product development and the
success of the development project.”

Silverbucket aims for significant international growth. More than 20 % of the turnover already comes from abroad – especially from Sweden. Up next, the company is seriously aiming towards the Central European and UK markets.

The goal is to double the turnover to three million euros by the end of 2023. The share of the international trade is set to be increased to more than half of the total turnover. There will also be an increase in staff needs – the aim is to recruit 5–7 new employees during the next two years.

According to the previous CEO Tuomas Mikkola, five years have flown by so fast.

“These years were great for both myself and Silverbucket. During my time as CEO, our turnover tripled and our staff doubled in size. We have a great customer base and a superb product, which will enable us to continue to grow rapidly. Now it is Janne’s turn and I myself will focus even more on customers in the future. I want to help our clients get even more out of Silverbucket through a variety of consulting services”, Mikkola said.

”During Tuomas’ time as CEO, we have established our operations and we have agile processes to support our business. The big picture towards the customers does not change with the change of CEO. It’s been a
great five years – and now we are shifting the focus even more to the international market with our revamped product”, Kanerva said and thanked his predecessor.

Kanerva holds a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and is one of Silverbucket’s three co-founders. He has extensive experience in conducting IT projects, resourcing and team building. The competitive edge of the Tampere-based company is clear to the new CEO.

“We are the only resourcing tool on the market that really combines realized project data with companies’ future plans. We aim to be the best in the world of resourcing”, Kanerva promised.

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