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Resourcing is efficient and rewarding with Silverbucket

Outdated Excel spreadsheets hidden in the cloud, overworked employees and overdue projects. Doesn’t sound very tempting, does it? At worst, resourcing is fragmented, time-consuming and boring – even if it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to billable project work and its resourcing, up-to-date information is vital, and it needs to be easy to find, up to date and transparent.

“Silverbucket is simply the best tool on the market for project resourcing. It ensures that projects to stay on schedule, employees cope better and productivity improves. Using Silverbucket benefits everyone, from employees to senior management,” says Reija Stenroos, Marketing Manager at the technology company Silverbucket.

“When resourcing is up to date, there aren’t so many nasty surprises. It’s possible to react to problems, such as overbooking or sick leave, without delay,” Stenroos continues.

Employees feel better when the workload is shared evenly. It’s also important to allocate the right experts to each project, as this increases productivity. Silverbucket allows companies to manage their employees’ skills efficiently. For example, it only takes a couple of clicks to find people to make strength calculations who speak Swedish. If a particular skill is identified as missing, new people can be recruited to meet the actual needs.

The choice resourcing tool of many engineering firms – designed in Finland

Silverbucket’s resourcing tool has been on the market for 11 years. EG Construction acquired the company as part of its financial and project management solutions in October 2021. All employees of Tampere-based Silverbucket are still in Finland – as is the product development unit. Some major engineering specialists, such as Eaton, WSP and J P Hildreth Ltd, are satisfied Silverbucket customers.

“As a rule of thumb, Silverbucket benefits all companies with more than 30 employees who are involved in billable project work. If you want better projects, Silverbucket is the answer. It makes resourcing efficient, up to date and even quite fun,” Stenroos promises.

The resourcing tool is also very useful for companies with multiple sites. Silverbucket gives an overview, at a glance, of the situation in Helsinki, London and Berlin. The resourcing situation may be optimal in London, but there may be a constant shortage of employees in Helsinki, while in Berlin, there may well be room for new projects.

“Silverbucket can also be used to balance the workload across sites. If the sites use different Excel spreadsheets or if the information is not up to date, no one may notice that there might be a huge shortage of a certain type of expert on some sites, while there are too many of the same on others. In the worst case scenario, subcontractors are used or more people are recruited even though there are people available on another site. Silverbucket improves everyone’s work situation, it makes projects run faster and improves productivity. This is immediately apparent in the company’s results,” says Stenroos.

Silverbucket is an agile company and so quick to meet customer needs.

“Our customers are a constant source of new ideas for us as they tell us directly what type of features they wish to see in Silverbucket. Some customers have also come up with completely new ways to use Silverbucket,” says Stenroos.

Silverbucket is the #1 resource planning tool for project business.

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