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Customer Story:

Demos Helsinki

Demos Helsinki chose in spring 2017 Silverbucket as its project resource management and hour tracking system. We have heard that they have created a successful concept to motivate, commit and brief their employees to use Silverbucket. They call the concept “Bucket Club” and we asked Katri Mäenpää from Demos Helsinki to tell a bit more about it. Katri is the main user and is the first support person for their employees and acts as the contact person for us.

Bucket Club

Bucket Club is a joint gathering once a week when people come together and use Silverbucket. Participation is voluntary and Katri is always there to help others if they have some questions regarding Silverbucket. Bucket Club is also great for briefing new users as they can start using Silverbucket right away and ask for some help if they need. Bucket Club drives people to ask questions more in the joint gathering rather than send questions during the week and Katri has been able to optimize her own work time. During Bucket Club Katri helps others if someone has questions or challenges. Otherwise Katri uses her Bucket Club moment in completing her resourcing tasks, monitoring that everyone has done what has been agreed and sending reminders if someone has forgotten to do something regarding Silverbucket.

Demos Helsinki has also a Slack channel for encouraging and motivating in the use of Silverbucket

Bucket Club has at least two visible benefits: Katri’s work has become more efficient and the concept is good means to commit and motivate employees to use Silverbucket. A new tool can bring along many mixed feelings and sometimes even resistance of acquiring a new routine. In Demos Helsinki these general challenges are outplayed with Bucket Club where people get instantly help if they face a problem in learning to use Silverbucket. People can join Bucket Club to work together or to work solo with headphones on. Bucket Club is held once a week and it is an opportunity where employees can learn together and create a joint resourcing culture. Sometimes Bucket Club has had a special theme, like doing holiday allocations and hour records.

The experiences of Bucket Club have been very positive, and Demos Helsinki will continue with the same concept as long as this kind of a gathering is useful and needed. We wanted to show you a fine example how to integrate a new tool to be part of a resourcing culture. This kind of a concept could be utilized in a bigger organization as well, for instance in different teams and units.

Demos Helsinki is a think tank which has grown rapidly to an organization the size of 50 persons. Read more: www.demoshelsinki.fi.

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