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Customer Story:


Zalaris provides comprehensive payroll and HR outsourcing services, as well as related consulting services, in the Nordics, Germany, the Baltics, India, UK, Ireland and Poland. Before Silverbucket, resource planning was carried out through Excel at Zalaris. This resulted in information not only being scattered around several places, but also not being up-to-date. There was a need to make the resource situation transparent throughout the organization, even across country borders, creating another challenge for the resource management. They did not have enough insight into who was working with which project and when. They had been on the lookout for a solution to the aforementioned challenges for quite some time at Zalaris, until another Norwegian consultant agency suggested Silverbucket to them.

A software trial convinced Zalaris of the potential of Silverbucket, so they decided to go with it. Jan Erik Nessmo from Zalaris describes: ”The implementation process was quick and effortless. Data was input and we were up and running after only a few days. However, the implementation was carried out in phases. Silverbucket was implemented and resource planning was initiated in the software, one country unit at a time.” 

Nessmo points out a couple of benefits:

”Thanks to Silverbucket, we have been able to add transparency throughout the entire organization. All information is now gathered in one place, allowing one to view who is working with which project and when they will be available for new projects. We can also monitor and spot resources with free capacity easily.”

At Zalaris, Silverbucket is being used mostly by supervisors and those responsible for resource management. Plans are made on a weekly basis, and every month, those responsible for resource management sit down and have a look at the resource situation in each country unit. Should there be a need to borrow extra hands from one country unit to another, this is the place for such a discussion.

”Silverbucket is a user-friendly tool, which works well. We have always received help from the support when needed”, Jan Erin Nessmo concludes the interview.

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