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“Nowadays, we have a clear understanding of our projects and people allocations since Silverbucket includes both resource plan and actual hours. Silverbucket can also assist in visualizing the past, the present and the future”.

– Charlotte Bjurling, System Manager, Tengbom

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Keep your projects on track.

There is always some gap between predicted and actual hours. Silverbucket lets you view the actual hours of your project and you can compare it against the resource plans. You are able to accurately forecast and notice budget overruns.

Information for everyone.

Resource situations can be inspected from many aspects. A person can view their own projects and resources, a team manager their team members’ resources and a project manager their own project team.

ETTELVA's working philosophy is that everyone is responsible for their own time. Therefore, at ETTELVA everyone has the right to see everything on Silverbucket and all employees are responsible for their own resource planning which has made them very efficient.

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