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The best team with the right skills can always be found for each project. The workload is optimized in such a way that there is a job for everyone and, if necessary, people with the right skills can be recruited.

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With Silverbucket CGI wanted to improve transparency in the availability of employees and to make resourcing more transparent throughout the organization. Now Silverbucket is also important reporting and forecasting tool.

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Keep your projects on track.

Any discrepancies in project resourcing are identified in a timely manner. Any differences between the plans and reality can be seen, as well as whether the projects have potential risks or risks that have already been realized.

Resource management by task.

It’s not always clear who’s working on what project. Don’t worry! With Silverbucket you can do resourcing directly for a person or just a role. You can also allocate a person or role to a task if you need more fine-grained resource management.

The growth company Efima was looking for a replacement for its numerous resourcing spreadsheets, which no longer met the requirements of the rapidly growing company. The solution to the challenges was Silverbucket.

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