5 important steps in resource planning process

1. Plan the project

At the top of the resource planning process are the people who are setting it up and thinking what kind of project team is needed. They will request resources and middle management will assign people to those projects.

2. Resource management meetings

Depending on the size of the organisation, there could be a one single resource management meeting for the entire company or multiple in a large organisation. Purpose of these resource management meetings is resource optimisation and react to possible conflicts in the resourcing plan.

A conflict can be for example a situation where several project managers need the same person in their project teams. The resourcing meeting should be the place where the final decisions about resource planning are made.

3. Tracking time

Reporting hours is a task for each person in the organisation. It is important to track how much people are working and to which projects. By doing so, it is easy to evaluate how well the resource plans are made and develop the plans even further.

4. Forecasting the future

Top management monitor the overall resourcing situation frequently. They can evaluate for example how well the business is going, is there a need for new employees or new projects. It is even possible to forecast the future and monitor utilization rates.

5. Updating the resource plan

Whenever there are changes, the responsible people are updating the plans and the process goes through a new iteration. Once the plans are updated in the system everyone has the latest data to monitor.

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