Sweco: ”A whole different way to manage resources”

According to Timo Pekkinen, Sweco’s technology director, Silverbucket offers a whole different way to manage resourcing situation. Silverbucket has therefore made a remarkably positive impact to Sweco’s work and operating methods.

Bilot: Predictability and transparency for project management

Bilot chose Silverbucket to increase their predictability and transparency in their projects.

Firstco - A Better Visibility of Resourcing Allocations

As Firstco has grown, so has the importance of managing more and more resources across an increasing number of projects.

Articles, news and case stories

Webinar: Building Effective Resourcing Processes and Best Practices for Silverbucket


Every organisation has its own unique resourcing process, but based on our experience, we have identified five different project resourcing models. Join our webinar and learn how to build effective resourcing process. 

Webinar: Knowledge-based management by using Silverbucket 10.9. at 3.00 PM (EEST)


The topic of this webinar is knowledge-based management by using Silverbucket. Join now  and see how Silverbucket can help the top-level management to make better decisions based on facts!

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